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Rabbit Hole 1

The Human Condition

A little interest in the evolutionary process and in the history of our 'tiny' universe tells us that human life as we know is truly a miracle!

We've defied so many odds just by existing, many of which we possibly don't know, and we act as if this is all normal. Though can this be by chance? What are we to make of the human condition? Why do you think we're here?

Rabbit Hole 2

Subjective Reality

What we sense, know and perceive is our reality, which makes it a subjective reality. Could there be an "objective reality", a reality that completely exists independent of any conscious entity observing it? Can we prove its existence? Or is everything subjective?

Hi there! You're either very lost or very curious—either way, you're not alone :)

Raphael_School_of_Athens ps preserve details resampling compressor-51.jpg

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole

  • What's this 👆 image?
    It's the "School of Athens", a mural painted by Raphael during 1509-1511. It's the perfect image for this page :)
  • Why did I choose The School of Athens specifically?
    The mural symbolises the marriage of art, philosophy, and science by placing some of the most important ancient and classical thinkers and creators under one roof. It aims to convey: For humanity to progress, there needs to be open exchange of ideas, opinions and contemplations between thinkers from all walks of life – especially the contrasting ones (Raphael placed Aristotle and Plato at the centre of the scene, both have very different philosophical beliefs). But it feels unjust to sum up the artwork in one sentence because each stroke here bears meaning. The mural is truly ingenious – feel free to go further down the rabbit hole 🤓
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