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Heinz Moms Squad

By: Heinz

Digital Campaign

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Create a PR campaign that uses in-game activation as seen in "Heinz Hidden Spots" campaign from 2022.


Gamers are known to have unhealthy eating habits while gaming. Moms hate that. They love their children and always want them to eat healthy and on time.


Heinz Moms Squad: Moms infiltrate the games and use different tactics to remind gamers to eat healthy and on time.

Brownie Points

D&AD New Blood 2023 – Yellow Pencil


Ilu Shilpakar, Art Director
Laila al-Kowatli, Copywriter
Yash Bhut, Copywriter


Moms intervene in-the-game, reminding gamers to refuel to win—in both, the virtual and the real world.

Moms share the recipe in game chats. Additionally, Heinz products also lead gamers to quick and healthy recipes.

Heinz website will feature easy and quick recipes curated for gamers by real moms.

Free online gaming tutorials, tips and tricks for moms

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Moms take it to social media, reaching more young people

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