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Homo Fossileum Fuelensis

By: United Nations Development Programme

Integrated Campaign

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Governments spend $421 Bn every year on fossil fuel subsidies. How can the UN convince governments to stop the subsidies?


It's not just plants, all living things contribute to the composition of fossil fuels, including humans.


The future stage of human evolution: Homo Fossileum Fuelensis. The more fossil fuels we use, the sooner we become them.

Brownie Points

Golden Award of Montreux 2022 – Gold

Creative Conscience 2022 – Silver

ADC Young Ones 2022 – Shortlist

Ad Stars 2022 – Winner

M.AD Ideathon 2021 – 2nd position

AdForum – Publication


Camila Donnapaolo, Art Director
Elena Casas, Art Director
Hussam Moustapha, Copywriter
Niruban Satchithanandakumar, Strategist

Yash Bhut, Copywriter



Museum Activation: HFF figurines placed inside museums across the world

Tickets act as a petition to end the fossil fuel subsidies

Outdoor activation at public hotspots

Social media activation #futureofevolution #hff

United Nations - Homo Fossileum Fuelensis Caseboard
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