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The Chill Chapter

By: Coors Light

Integrated Campaign


People under 28 don't prefer Coors Light, they believe it's for older people.


Coors Light has a history of being relevant to gamers, and during the pandemic, the number of gamers and gaming time shot up significantly. People started to spend too much time on non-stop gaming, forgetting to pause and chill.


The Chill Chapter: Micro-missions inside the games, designed to allow users to chill with Coors Light.

Brownie Points

Graphis International Talent Award 2023 – Silver

D&AD New Blood 2021 - Graphite Pencil

Golden Award of Montreux 2021 - Finalist


Alyona Golikova, Art Director

Yash Bhut, Copywriter

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Play Hard, Chill Hard!

Coors Light - The Chill Chapter Caseboard


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