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The Abortion Collection

By: Hey Jane, and The Case For Her

Activation Campaign


Create awareness about 'Abortion is healthcare', in the US states that banned abortions.


Abortion bans could lead to women taking desperate and unsafe measures to terminate their pregnancies, which can increase maternal mortality.


The Abortion Collection: A collection
of household objects, once used by women to get unsafe abortions, packaged as healthcare products to send the message: Abortion is healthcare.

Brownie Points

ADC Young Ones 2024 – Merit
Clio Award 2023 – Bronze

Ad Stars – Winner


España Navarro, Art Director
Ilu Shilpakar, Art Director
Yash Bhut, Copywriter

The abortion collection cover min.jpeg
Abortion Collection products section end min.jpeg

The Abortion Collection will be displayed in pop-up stores across the states that banned abortion.

Product descriptions and tags with real stories of women who had to use them

Users can buy them 'symbolically' through donations on the official website and E-commerce


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