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Redeem Your Sins

By: Diablo IV

Integrated Campaign


Prepare a PR-worthy campaign for the game launch, reach potential-gamers and at the same time bring ARPG and dark-culture gamers closer to the Diablo IV game experience.


Diablo IV is gothic and has a timeline that resembles the Middle Ages. Interestingly, the game has a 'church' which plays an important role in the Diablo game series.


Pay for Diablo IV with your sins.

Brownie Points

Clio Entertainment 2024 – Gold
ADC Young Ones 2023 – Finalist

CommArts Awards – Winner


España Navarro, Art Director
Ilu Shilpakar, Art Director
Yash Bhut, Copywriter


diablo-iv-lilith (1).png
Redemption card (1).png
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