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The Right Uniform

By: WNBA, Hey Jane, The Case for Her

Activation Campaign


Over 40 million women in the US are affected by the ban on abortions. How do we amplify their voices and take the fight to next level?


Millions of women fight and suffer the same, as if they are one faction/team. 


The Right Uniform: WNBA uniforms redesigned to include the most popular and moving slogans from abortion rights movements, to bring Real Change, Inspired by Real Women.
By organising around sports, we create a natural sense of unity. With WNBA and
FIFA Women's World Cup coming up, now is a better time than ever to make sure no one forgets what we demand and how loud we can be.

Brownie Points

D&AD New Blood 2023 – Wood Pencil


Jake Alviene, Art Director

Yash Bhut, Copywriter

abortion rights protest (1).webp


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